How Hate made me a designer

Rahul Singh Bhadoriya
2 min readFeb 9, 2022


Yep, I am not ashamed to admit that I got into design because I hated something. The hate is not directed towards anyone else but my skin color.

Ok, Let me start from the start.

I have dark skin, No surprise there. I mean I live in India and where dark skin is common. But the issue was not my skin but the way people made me feel about my skin.

As a kid, I was always called Kalu, kaliya all those names which people use to tease Dark skin, color people.

In India, colorism is rampant. Darker-skinned people like me always got bullied because of our color.

Every day, my dignity and self-esteem were reduced to the color of my skin. I started to hate my skin color.

Now at that time, Social media was a big part of my life, and uploading pictures were a daily thing. I couldn’t upload my images as originals cause of my insecurities, I started learning Photoshop so I can start editing my pictures and whitening my skin color.

But one interesting thing happened while doing that, I liked using Photoshop and started creating Logos and that was the start of my journey as a Designer.

Now I have been in the design industry for the last 8 years and am comfortable in my skin and color.

and yes, To remember this and remind me How it all started I got a tattoo of #000000 which is the Hex code of Color Black

So Be comfortable with your skin color, and keep rocking.



Rahul Singh Bhadoriya

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