You read it right, I am not exaggerating this shit, This happened.

Ok, Let me explain how did this happen. If you are not aware of Product Hunt. (Read it Here)

I have been on the Product hunt for a long time and always seeing people create amazing products and not only create but also sell them.

Being in the design industry…

Ohh What a ride this year was…

I wasn't gonna write this Year in Review because, like most of us, I was hoping to call 2020 a wash. But I think there are plenty of learnings and takeaways from this year, maybe even more so than previous ones.

I’m hopeful…

A designer has to waste time drawing a photorealistic of the packaging form itself (jar, tube, pouch, aluminum can, etc.) with all the appropriate shadows, reflections, etc. This often demands a lot of time and effort, but high-quality visualization is crucial for the success of a design project as it's an important aspect for a customer.

The perfect solution to this issue is the use of mockups.

What does a mockup mean? It is a PSD file with an image of the required packaging which contains the appropriate reflections, shadows, masks, etc. and includes a special layer for the design.

Rahul Singh Bhadoriya

Husband. Podcaster. Brand Identity Designer. Branding Consultant. In process Art Director. Problem Solver.

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